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words & VISUALS

 by Cat Tanchanco


[revive the practice, use, or memory of something; bring new vigor to]

All the dreams, passions & ideas you have let die; you have the power to rise. One question, how much will you work for it. How many walls & bad habits are you willing to break. How much self shame are you willing to shatter, embarrassment you’re willing to face? Within, you have the elixir. Dare cast the spell.


Superstition, Fear & Jealousy.

At the entrance to rock bottom.

Would you still create the things you do if you couldn’t show it to anyone? Would you do it for yourself? Sometime’s I’m afraid I wouldn’t. I’ve let social media complicate things for me.



The Pumpkin Forest

Where do all the pumpkins go after people have had their fun?

They come to me, the Muthapumpkin Princess here in Pumpkin Forest and together we rot away and decay and return into the earth and nourish her. We'll come back to put on a show as we always do, each Halloween. Of course, you could always join us more sooner than later. We are always here and will always be, forever seething into the soil and your pumpkin dreams.


Pumpkin Forest - 2020 - AUDFACED - Rawl.png
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