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"I want people who see my art to feel hopeful despite living in a chaotic world. To feel enticed and energized, their curiosity ignited. I want them to believe in their light within, to face their darkness, to see their beauty, to feel a part of the Universe."

Cat Tanchanco is a Filipino-American artist who delves into the stories under the masks we wear. 

She expresses herself through an assortment of art forms and feels most grounded when exploring belonging, identity and healing. She enjoys creating through fine arts, film and media and by designing community events and spaces for conversation.

Through podcast interviews, livestreams, artist Q&A's and event hosting, she has a skill for figuring out the best questions to ask in order to get people thinking critically and connecting more deeply.

She is the Host and Producer of podcast moods & movies and livestream series Sanctuary SpaceAsk a Therapist, What's Working and What's Not and My Mental Health Story. You can view her event hosting portfolio here.

While her artistic interests have expanded, many in the film, video and makeup industries know her as a AUDFACED, as she launched her makeup artist journey on YouTube back in 2009 and earned her BFA in Film & Video from CalArts in 2014.


Today, she has over a decade of experience working on set for independent films, show series, live haunt attractions and photoshoots.

Collaboratively, she has worked with and had her art featured by teams like Upworthy, Sephora, Universal Studios, Disney, MTV, Crypt TV, The Scream Team, Six Flags, JellySmack, PopSugar and FX's American Horror Stories.

Cat likes to create through whatever medium feels most genuine to the story. Some of her current favorites are painting, drawing, makeup artistry, filmmaking, writing movie essays, art books, voice acting and performance art.


While honing her craft is important, she finds that curiosity, awe, play, rest and taking time to have a genuine conversation with someone are vital to living a good life.


She infuses empathy, grit and hope into her vibrant and often visually-dark art pieces.

Based on Tongva lands

colonially known as Los Angeles


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