"I want people who see my art to feel hopeful despite living in a chaotic world. To feel enticed and energized, their curiosity ignited. I want them to believe in their light within, to face their darkness, to see their beauty, to feel a part of the Universe."

- Cat Tanchanco




AUDFACED (Cat Tanchanco) is a visual artist who delves into the stories under the masks we wear.


She is fascinated by combining elements of the macabre with being a lightworker. She creates through the mediums of makeup artistry, filmmaking, writing, voice acting and painting, focusing on making art that mirrors. She believes that when we take time to learn ourselves, we better understand the world around us.

She hosts a variety of shows exploring makeup, monsters, movies and mental health.

She infuses empathy, hope and earthly feminine power into her visually dark art pieces.

You can view her work on YouTube and Instagram and purchase original AUDFACED art here.

Based in Los Angeles, California.



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