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"I want to help people feel hopeful despite living in a chaotic world. Art, nature and community are powerful mediums for this type of work."

Cat Tanchanco is a Filipino-American artist, storyteller, creative producer and community builder.

Through event hosting, interviews, livestreams, and artist Q&A's, she has a skill for identifying meaningful questions to ask in order to get people thinking critically and connecting deeply.

She is the host and producer of moods & movies and livestream series Ask a Therapist and My Mental Health Story. You can view her event hosting portfolio here.

She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Video from CalArts. Many in the film and makeup industries know her as a AUDFACED through Cat's decade of experience working on sets and a deep love for Halloween season.

Her professional experience has expanded into mindful event hosting and growing community programs that center healing, purpose and identity.


Collaboratively, she has worked with teams like Upworthy, Sephora, Universal Studios, Disney, MTV, The Scream Team, Six Flags and FX's American Horror Stories.

While honing her craft is important, she finds that empathy, curiosity, play, rest and taking the time to have a genuine conversation are vital to a meaningful life.


Based in California


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